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Safe Choice Program

Anthem is launching the California Medicaid Safe Choice Program. It will enhance patient safety, improve coordination of care and make providers aware of the consequences of opioid prescribing. Members who use multiple pharmacies/physicians may suffer serious adverse drug events such as drug-drug or drug-disease interaction and a greater potential for medication abuse and misuse. Overdoses involving prescription opioids are seen in increasing numbers in most Emergency Departments. In a national study of hospital emergency department visits for opioid overdoses, 67.8 percent of the overdoses involved prescription opioids (including methadone), followed by heroin, other unspecified opioids and multiple opioids.

How the program works:

  • Members are identified for enrollment
  • Safe Choice Committee reviews total member history and other relevant information to determine if the member will benefit from the program.
  • Member is assigned to one specific pharmacy and/or prescriber who is authorized to fill or write prescriptions.

The Safe Choice program provides a non-judgmental structure so enrollees can continue to obtain needed care from qualified practitioners. This includes appropriate medical oversight and management that can lead to improved quality of life for the enrollee, efficient use of the delivery system, elimination of unnecessary and unproductive utilization and a reduced morbidity and mortality.