Vision & Dental

If you are requesting one of the services listed below, do not continue with your request through the web submission portal:
Vision Services: Please contact March Vision Call at 1-888-493-4070, option 3.
Dental Services: Please contact WIDA at 414-389-9880.

Radiological Services

Precertify these requests through AIM Specialty Health.

Nonparticipating providers

All services you render require precertification.

Medical Management

Fax: 1-800-964-3627
Call: 1-855-558-1443

Behavioral Health

Call: 1-855-558-1443, Option 8
BH inpatient fax: 1-877-434-7578
BH outpatient fax: 1-800-505-1193

Participating Providers

Precertification Lookup Tool

This tool:

  • is for outpatient services-inpatient services always require precertification
  • does not show benefits coverage–refer to our state-specific provider manuals for coverage/limitations
  • Please note: Drug description search is case sensitive. You must search using generic/chemical ingredient name and use lower case only.

Please note: Does not show benefits coverage — refer to our state-specific provider manuals for coverage/limitations



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  • If you are searching by code description, limit your search to a single term for more matches
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